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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

IOWA Scaled Engineering - ProtoThrottle...

Well today I decided to give myself an early birthday present, I have pre-ordered a IOWA Scaled Engineering - ProtoThrottle.

IOWA Scaled Engineering - ProtoThrottle

This new model railroad throttle is a replica of an EMD locomotive stand with controls that mimic the real thing.  It features notched throttle handle, reverser handle, brake handle & spring loaded horn lever, and many other configurable variations.

Since changing the layout to predominately a switching layout I have slowed down much of my operations and speeds of locomotives.  But trying to use all the functions in the ESU - Select Direct decoders via buttons on my NCE throttle has been difficult.

But know the realism and ease of operation will be made some much better when the ProtoThrottle (PT) arrives towards the middle of the year.  The PT uses WiFi receivers to communicate with the NCE DCC Command Station.

The following videos show how the PT operates, along with some of the cool features...


  1. Just one? What about the boys? They each need one too. :)

    1. I'll put money on it that is what my operators will say too Alan... :D