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Saturday, 16 August 2014

New Broadway Limited - EMD SW1500 - RDG #2761 & #2762

Well this week I finally received my two BLI - EMD SW1500 switchers in RDG paint scheme.

I have been waiting for these for about 2 - 3 years now, whilst on back order.

The units are equipped with BLI's Paragon 2 - DC/DCC dual mode decoders and factory installed sound. The paint is crisp & sharp and is fairly close to the correct RDG colour scheme.

The details are good quality as far as SW1500 models go, but as far as prototypical features for RDG SW1500 go they are average.  A lot of the details are incorrect and/or not even installed, for myself this is not an issue because I am glad to have some more RDG switchers to the fleet.  Im sure for the pure aficionado these will leave them wanting and would be a deal breaker for purchasing.

The units have a vast amount of functions and sounds that can be played through the unit.  The initial sound level coming from the unit is set to 100% and needs to be halved straight away to be at an acceptable level.  The unit is equipped some real interesting sound features, two being manual notching and automatic sound coupled to load placed on the motor.

There is one slight problem that I have already had with both my units, they both seem to be having issues with power pickup.  I've noticed on two section of tracks both units are having issues with power and are either partly stalling or completely stopping over these.

I have tried both my Athearn SW1500's & Atlas Silver/Gold Series MP15's with sound over these sections and had no issues with these.  I will have to do some trouble shooting over the next few nights to see if I can isolate the problem.

The units are great slow speed runners and this is seems to be the worst place for the above problem to surface.  Ive noticed the slightest lifting of the walls or non contact wight he track causes the units to partially restart or fully stop and requiring moving to get the correct contact.

Hopefully I can resolve the issues with what looks like a power pick up issue, when I can get this fixed I'll post a video of them running and some of the cool features incorporated in them.



  1. Having those exact same power pickup issues on my new BL SW1500. :(

  2. Hi Mike your not alone there is a thread running on MRH that you might be interested in, and for anyone else who might have the same issues:


    Please feel free to post on here if you have issues, hopefully we can collectively figure out a way around it.


  3. I too have the RDG 2761/62 switchers. They have been in storage for the past year but now that I am running them I am experiencing the same problems that you are having. Did you ever find a solution ?