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Favourite Photos...
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Track Alterations & Terraforming...

So today's mission was to relocate the Hummelstown Crossover from the east to the west of the Track 2 siding turnouts.  
As I was programming the logic for Rutherford & Hummelstown is was obvious that it needed to be moved to allow mainline traffic in both directions to flow better.

I also wanted to separate both crossover turnouts into individual blocks for detection purposes too.  The two track nearest the fascia are in fact both mainlines, the left one is from the centre peninsula (Harrisburg) and the middle track from the north side of the layout (Carlislie Junction) the track on the right (backdrop) can be used as mainline but will mostly be used for switching/storage of the three (3) industries that will sit along the backdrop.

Below is the PanelPro Panel showing the intended route from Carlislie Junction through Rutherford, Hummelstown and onto Manheim Junction from Track 1 (North) via Track 1 (South) and then back agin onto Track 1 (North).

Below the removal of the existing track & turnouts.

Next phase was relocating the crossover, re-installing the Tortoise motors, running the feed wires and aligning and securing the track.  Today I also did a little Terraforming and added a small siding (1200mm/4') along the fascia near Middletown, this will add more storage for the industries that will be along the backdrop.

The extra siding is just two (2) pieces of 90mm x 45/3.5" x 1 3/4" laminated together with a plywood top and then 6mm plaster/drywall.  This adds about 1200mm/4' of extra storage space.

And finally some overview shots from today's session.  Once the wiring for the detection blocks and remaining Tortoise Motors are installed the signal bridge will be moved to the west of the Hummelstown Crossover.



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