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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

When things are that old, there is no fixing them...

Over the past three weeks I having busy programming the logic for the layouts signal system into JMRI - Panel Pro and testing it out on the already installed signals on the layout.

To start I called upon our resident guru for Signal Logic - Brendan Dennis, I wanted Brendan to run me through the basics of logic and also how to implement it too.  Brendan suggested that I needed to upgrade to the latest version of JMRI as I was having a few issues installing one section and we wanted to eliminate the issue being something that could be resolved with an update.

This is what caused a small hiccup with progressing forward and also the reason for no posts for a few weeks (with a school holiday vacation in there too) and a halt to the programming.  My +10 year old desktop PC was that old and out of date that I couldn't update to Windows 10 (hardware issue) which was required to run the latest version 8 of Java, which was required for JMRI & Panel Pro...  What a cascading effect!


So I began exploring options for replacing the layouts desktop.  It is still running fine on XP with the original hard drive too.  However being so out of date I could barely get onto the internet from it because most of the software & browsers were no longer supported either without upgrading to Windows 10.

I looker at prices for desktops and wasn't really happy with some of the pricing so I researched a little further afield which took me in the direction of looking into laptops.  The idea was based around them being the same price as a desktop and some having better specifications too, the other factor was portability.

It turned out to be a great move, as I now have the ability to do layout programming in the house, well anywhere for that matter.  I am no longer tied to the layout to do any logic, signalling and or detection work.

I have the ability to run both layout monitors, the NCE DCC Command System and the Standalone Digitrax LocoNet too.


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