Favourite Photos...

Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

Saturday 26 July 2014

JL&T Module - The Series...

For those that want to see the beginnings of our layout take shape this is what really started it all.

I will be posting a series on how I came up with the concept of building a module prior to building the layout, and how it eventually became an integral part of the L&T Branch today.

For those wishing to start building a layout, a module can be a great way to practice all the skills required with building a full size layout on a small manageable scale.  

And when finished they can be used as part of the layout in series with other modules, or used to take photos of your locomotives & rolling stock.

Links to the first two parts in the series:


  1. Love your blog man......I don't know how you view yourself in the modeling scene but I hold your layout up at the top with the well known. Yours shows what can be done from a small start to something much bigger that most of us can either relate to or are starting from. Keep up the great work and stay inspired.

  2. Thanks Kevin, really appreciate the comment and it means a lot. The blog has always been a plan of mine to share as much as the build of the layout as possible with everyone, when I started it was what I needed and I'm glad it's helping people out get started or offer ideas on how to tackle the many facets of the hobby.