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JL&T Railroad - Track Plan

The current version of JL&T Track plan as of 19/01/2020:

Updated Staging Deck Plan - 5/12/18

There are substantial changes that have been made to the JL&T Railroad over the last 6 months, the biggest of these have been the removal of the Intermodal Yard with the replacement of a Paper Mill.

The second and the biggest since starting is the addition of an extra 4m x 4m (13' x 13') of space to the layout shed.  The addition is mainly for storing our house stuff that was in the garage but there will be additions to the layout in here, with hopefully the addition of a small crew lounge too.

The latest addition and changes that have been made to the layout plan is the installation of Rutherford Yard in the newer layout extension area.  Also the addition of the Wood Chip Mill at the north end of the yard.

There is also now the addition of Steel Industry consisting of Electric Furnace & Rolling Mill for Harrisburg too.

The L&T Branch has had the chances made to reflect how it stands now...

Latest update below:

The track work has also been updated to reflect the removal of the Walthers - Shinohara turnouts and the replacement with PECO Code 83 #7 Turnouts... &

The addition of the Hershey Chocolate Factory Complex and the town of Hershey too.

The above plan also has the signals on it too for reference.

The addition of the Staging Deck under the main layout, incorporating twin return loops, with the addition of the helix to get between the two levels.

The small alteration & addition of the Double Slip Switch to connect the two sets of storage tracks (north & south) that serve Hershey Chocolates.

The new addition of the Shippensburg Yard lead that crosses over the Susquehanna River and changed track work for Shippensburg Classification Yard.

This plan was drawn on Anyrail - Model Railroad Computer Design Software...