Favourite Photos...

Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

JL&T Module - The beginning of a Railroad - Part 5

Continuing on with the construction of the JL&T module I had to come up with a repeatable method to make ordinary white sheet styrene into asphalt & concrete roads.

I experimented with several methods & colours to come up with the ideal look that I was trying achieve for the roads on my layout.  Below are some of the different attempts.

The first series are a base coat of Polly Scale - SP Dark Grey with varying blends of CSX Grey over the top.

Next was a Polly Scale - CSX Grey base followed by India Ink Washes & weathering using Polly Scale - Grimy Black to simulate oil & tire marks.

The above methods ended up being the basis for the final asphalt & concrete roads.  My weathering altered slighted along with the depth of blending the grey colour into the dark grey bases.

Below are the finished roads & concrete areas on the module.  The photos were taken in natural daylight as the module had not been added to the layout at this stage.

I was extremely happy with the final look that was achieved with both the asphalt & concrete.  The main aim of the module was to be able to find a method that was easily repeatable in the future.

Next in the JL&T Module Series is:  Static Grass & Trees...

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