Favourite Photos...

Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

Saturday 31 May 2014

Progress on the Cement Distributor & Other buildings...

Yesterday I managed to get the remainder of the supports for the trailer loading silo completed for the cement distributor.  I also got down the sheet styrene for the concrete loading/truck standing area too.

The pipework between the main silos & the trailer loading silo are complete too,  all that is needed is final painting & weathering.

I also had time to complete the background building in this scene.  It is a pice of 1/2" Plywood covered in Evergreen styrene wall panelling and has Some roller doors & entry doors from Pikestuff.

And the overall scene as it stands at the moment.  I will be adding a either a wire fence or metal panel fence to the back of the cement plant, this will add to the scene by allowing the top of passing trains to be scene but not entire thing until it rounds the corner into the operators view.

More soon.


Friday 23 May 2014

Cement Distributor...

Today I finished up adding the base colour coats by airbrush to the structures at the end of the L&T Branch.  The cement distributor has also had a little addition added.

I found the pressurised cement trailers from Herpa and decided that the cement silos, needed a smaller silo to load the trailers.  The loading silo is a combination of the frame from the Walthers - Grain Surge Bin kit & bottom tapered chute, Plumbing Pressure Pipe Socket & Domed Cap, Evergreen "H" Beams and 0.5mm Styrene Sheet.

The pressure pipe fittings (socket & cap) were a little rough, so I added the 0.5mm styrene sheet to provide a smooth surface.  It also allowed the "H" beams to line up with the frame below.

Overall it's been a great little addition and will add to scene, it was relatively easy to make and I would use it again to make loading silos or vessels.  Next step will be to attach the silo to the frame, add the access ladders, and piping from the main silos.

Monday 5 May 2014

Today's "Done in a Day" Project...

As part of finishing the L&T Branch I completed this little section of the stub end siding, it will be used for unloading ethylene glycol into the storage tanks that will be used by the automotive distributor.

Was a fun project and took only a day to complete, it's in primer now drying and waiting for individual 
colours and weathering once dry.

The kits are mainly Walthers ( Oil Refinery Piping kit, Piping kit & Truck Loading Rack) that have been used, scratch built & kit bashed.


Saturday 3 May 2014

Progress from today...

Here are a few photos of the additions and progress to the last section of the L&T Branch.

I added a small warehouse to the unloading area for the liquid storage area, positioned the tanks, and started painting the base coats.

This stub end siding will take one tank car at a time and will be unloading ethylene glycol  for distribution as anti-freeze, it will also get deliveries for other chemicals used within the auto industry.

And looking down towards the end of the siding the opening in the backdrop wall is completely hidden.