Favourite Photos...

Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

Wednesday 1 June 2022

RDG - FWd Flatcar...

Ok I’m calling the design & the first complete prototype of the Reading (RDG) - FWd Depressed Centre Flatcar (HO Scale) done.

I’ve checked everything today, finalised the design, and printed the pin system to secure the trucks & couplers to the flatcar body.

I’ve settled on the print settings for the Sonic Mini 8K & the support placement that has produced an impressive print today.  I still have to print successive & successful prints without failures too.

I’m working with Highball Graphics to also produce a decal set for the RDG units.  Once I’ve achieved consistent prints, with the quality I’ve produced today & the decal sets are ready, I’ll put them up for sale online.

The kits are going to be offered as an undecorated kit, with the main flatcar section, trucks, Kadee Narrow Coupler boxes & securing pins.  I’ll list the other parts I’ve used (wheelsets & couplers) but leave the final choice & purchase to the buyer.

I’m aiming the quality & therefore price point somewhere between a Bluebox & RTR type model.  As these haven’t been on the market, and resin is somewhat untested in the hobby, the price will be reflective of this.


Sunday 22 May 2022

New RDG - FWd - Flat Car...

Well I've been a little quite on the 3D Printing venture of late, but earlier this month things took a positive step forward with the arrival of my new printer.

The Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K, has a bigger build area, and double the resolution of my previous Mini 4K printer.  It's resolution is 0.022mm compared to the older 4K @ 0.035mm.



The bigger build plate has finally allowed my to print my first project at full HO Scale size.  The RDG - FWd Depressed Centre - Flat Car.

I can now fit the 54' (HO scale) flat car into the build area, at the correct build angle, and both sets of trucks.  The build time is a little over 16 hours.


This is was the first print, and also a test print after dialling the settings of the new 8K resin & Phrozen print setting.


I was amazed at how well the first/test print turned out, there was no warping of the main body, there was no failures of any of the prints, and the flat car deck was super smooth too.

IMG_5463.jpeg  IMG_5466.jpeg 

The flat car is strong and when flexed slightly did not snap, and maintained its shape.   The trucks are flexible enough to get the Intermountain 33" wheel sets in too.

 Underneath showing the three recesses for the stick in 1/4oz wheel weights.

Next stage is to install some Kadee #158 - Whisker Couplers, screws for the truck bolsters and test out on the layout track.

 Stay Tuned...

Sunday 6 February 2022

RDG - Centre Depressed Flatcar - Test print...

Printed Version 3 of the completed truck for the RDG flatcar today.

Actually printed a full set of four trucks, prints were a success, all four at 0.03mm turned out really well.  I’ll be now using these setting for the production run.

Just have to wait for the new 8K printer to arrive so that I can do the main flatcar body.


Thursday 27 January 2022

RDG - Centre Depressed Flatcar - First Test Print...

First test print ready to go for the RDG - Centre Depressed Flatcar trucks & connecting bracket...

If the print is successful I'll also test fit the Intermountain - Semi Scale 33" wheels too.

Sunday 16 January 2022

Reading Deep Well-Depressed Centre - Flat Car...

Over the summer break I've had very little time on the layout, I have however managed to sneak a few hours in on my next 3D Printing project.

I've stated before that research in this hobby, and in particular prototypical anything costs you money.  Well I may have found the flip side to that in 3D Printing.  Someone posted a photo of a RDG depressed centre flatcar on one of the FB pages, I have a few TTX versions from Walthers, but didn't know the Reading had there own.

So I set about gathering a few photos, and was also lucky enough to source some original working drawings of the very car, now having 2D plans is extremely helpful as I can place the 2D print into Fusion 360 and work a 3D rendering sketch from it.

So far I have the base & depress section 3D rendered, and it should just fit into my current build plate on my 4K printer, I have a newer printer ordered, which is 8K and has a slightly bigger build plate too.

More soon as I progress with the rendering & test print of the base.