Favourite Photos...

Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

Wednesday 28 October 2015

More Signals masts...

A few more masts have been added to the Harrisburg area, this set protects the track towards Rutherford Yard and the westbound traffic heading into Harrisburg from Rutherford.

All of these signals are Tomar H865 - Double Head "G" Type masts.

On the left is the inbound signal towards Rutherford (main) and the diverging route to Rutherford Yard.  The right signal is from Rutherford heading into Harrisburg.

All working and "clear"...

More soon...

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Signal Mast Install - Progress...

So this week I managed to get a few more signal masts and dwarfs installed.

The first pair (a mast & dwarf) have been installed on the Harrisburg Main (protecting westbound to Lebanon) and Siding #2.

The mast is a Tomar H-865 G Type 3 Light - Signal, it is connected to a Digitrax TSMK board and to SE8C Board No7. 

The dwarf is a Tomar H-876bl Double Head - Searchlight Dwarf Signal, these have modified with RR CirKits - Tri Coloured LED's.

The combination of the RRCirKits Tri-Coloured LED's and the Tomar case are a real winner, I'm that impressed with the colour and operation that I will be converting all of my dwarf & searchlight signals to these.

The last install for the day was another two (2) H-865 masts to protect the start of the Harrisburg Line heading westbound and the Southbound section coming from Chessie Interchange at Shippensburg/York Haven.

More soon...

SE8C Driver Aspect - Switch List...

As I've been installing the physical signals onto the layout I also have to program them into JMRI to check the wiring install & the subsequent SE8C.

In the Digitrax manual they have a table that lists the ranges of switches for the driver aspects of each SE8C for board number one.

I needed the switch lists for the driver aspects for eight SE8C's, so to ease the install in JMRI and for visual reference I made up the tables up to eight SE8C's.

Although very time consuming it will make programming a lot easier...

For those wanting the complete series for eight (8) SE8C boards the link to the page is here:



Tuesday 20 October 2015

Revised 2015 - Signal Plan

With the installation of more signals I needed to update my Signal Plan.

The next step is to wire in the masts & dwarf signals from Harrisburg to Manheim Jct.  

This section is the first to have a completed BDL168 wired in with all the blocks, this section takes up the entire centre peninsula and is wired to a PSX-AR as the peninsula is a reversing section.