Favourite Photos...

Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

The Layout Shed...

The JL&T is located in a 7m x 4m (23.3' x 13.3') colourbond shed.  Our shed has a dual purpose it houses not only the JL&T Railroad but is also used to store our excess stuff that could not be fitted within the house or garage.

The shed is constructed on a reinforced 100mm (4") concrete slab.  The shed is located at the rear of our property and is cut into the back of a sloping section of the yard.

The frame is constructed of C channel galvanised steel.  With three (3) main sections interconnected with bracing strings.  This is all fixed to the concrete slab using Dynabolt concrete fixings.

The entire external cladding is a product used throughout Australia called "Colourbond", it is a metal decking used mainly on roofs.  This material is extremely durable and long lasting, and provides excellent weatherproof to a structure.

The shed is also internally clad with insulation paper to help keep control of environmental changes throughout our seasons.  When the internal frame is finished prior to cladding with drywall/plaster it will also have insulation batts added to to the wall cavities.

The shed is internally framed with treated pine 90mm x 45mm Treated Pine timber, and is designed in a very similar way to how house frames our designed and built here in Australia.

The shed is also divided vertically via a mezzanine level.  This allows storage above the layout room, helps keep dust from collecting onto the layout from the roof area and also helps maintain temperature fluctuations in the layout room.

The mezzanine storage area is accessed by two manholes cut into the floor.

The layout room has to date consumed a major portion of the project build and budget.  But due to it's dual purpose (layout & storage) has been a very worthwhile investment in the time and money.

And a major source of satisfaction to be able to complete all parts of the project from the design to completion...

The latest addition to the layout shed...  And extra 4m x 4m to it, more storage space for our home, and some negotiated space and expansion for the layout, with hopefully a crew lounge added too.

The layout shed extension concrete slab...

The new extension cladding & roof installed.  And the new entrance to the shed...

The new internal framing installed, this area will be serving a dual purpose.  It will be storage for all of our stuff that was housed in the garage (including a mezzanine level above), and will be an extension of the layout too.

It will have a staging yard (operated as a classification yard), workbench, dispatch area and serve as a small crew lounge.

The new workbench and dispatcher nook.  This will also have a small portion of layout extension added above the workbenches.  A small Diesel Service Facility will be added.