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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Paper Mill Progress from today...

Well today I decided to flip the orientation of the buildings and try a different approach, the reason behind this was I wasn't really keen on adding another building to the existing Paper Mill building to service the loading of empty boxcars with finished product.

I'm happy with this configuration now, the only trade off was that I have lost the ability to pull through the pulpwood flats as they are unloaded.  They are now unloaded via two stub ended sidings, (which will be extended too) to counter this I have added my Mi-Jack Container crane that will be fitted out with opening hooks (like the log unloader kit) to unload more flats.

Overview shot looking towards the east of the complex...

I've also removed the two extra turnouts that didn't really do anything (again I don't know hwy I did it in the first place?) The sidings will be used for storage of empty or full boxcars, and empty or full pulpwood flats.  This will make for some really intense switching at times, which is what I wanted seeing the layout has gone more towards a switching layout since the decision to not build any other decks apart from staging.

I also had the chance to add another couple of turnouts to service the sidings associated with the unloading/loading of chemicals and by-products from the milling process.
The first track (after the Paper Mill) will service unloading of chemicals for Kraft Mill, Bleaching Plant, and other various chemical processes throughout the plant.  The next track along will be for unloading of more chemicals for the Recovery/Boiler House and also for the loading of chemical by-products from the mill process like Kaolin.

Next step will be to finish off the remaining track work that has been altered, install the turnout and siding that services the paper mill loading track.  Then it will be onto kitbashing the three or four other kits that will be required to add to the major structures in the mill.
If I get time and the people to visit, I'll also run a few test ops sessions to see how the switching will run on the mill and test out the track work.
More soon...


  1. Looking great so far, can't wait to see the end result.

  2. Thanks Paul, and sorry for not seeing your comment until now! This is next on the list to be completed once the new addition to the layout shed is added. Jas...