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Favourite Photos...
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Middletown, Pa

Thursday, 26 August 2021

First GRS TR-2 3D Printed Signal Head assembled...

So today I’ve successfully assembled my first 3D - Printed GRS TR-2 Triangular Colour Light.

It has four separate pieces that are resin 3D printed, the light box, the front background disc, the rear cover/door & mast bracket.

The LED’s are all colour correct to AAR standards, and are 0603 LED’s with magnet wire, the lenses are acrylic light pipes, these are HO scale.


The printer has even managed at 0.03mm to print out the US&S logo on the back door.

These will be replacing the older IHC plastic kit heads I had.


  1. The signal head is excellent.

  2. Wow. Those look magnificent. You must be a fast learner since you just got the printer recently.

    I’m curious about the lenses, where can I find acrylic light pipe?

    Cheers, Greg

    1. Thanks Greg, it took about two weeks of research online to dial it all in.
      I'm wrapped with the way they turned out.
      The lenses are a Bivar Lightpipe, the model no is: PLPC2-125, you can get them through Digi-Key or Mouser.