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Favourite Photos...
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Middletown, Pa

Tuesday 13 October 2020

New additions to the York - Pulp & Paper Mill...

So I needed a little inspiration today, moving forward with the base level scenery around Carlisle Junction I needed to get a vision of what the background scene within the York - Pulp & Paper Mill (YP&PM) will look like...

Sometimes, that inspiration, and what determines the foreground scenery level, can come from the structures that occupy an area or scene as a whole.

The YP&PM has the main structures in place already, but none of the other supporting structures and/or process buildings have been constructed.  The pulp was derived originally from two sources, chips & pulp wood.  At this stage, and after building today's structures I think I'll be just steering towards the wood chips.

To try and fit both types of raw materials will just overcrowd the scene, and also have a negative effect on operations.  By sticking to just the wood chips as the plants raw material, the scene is more believable and operations will benefit with more storage tracks.

Today I began by building the wood chip receiving building, it’s a Pikestuff kit that has been kit bashed with the Walthers - Sawmill Outbuilding kit & also a Walthers - Modern Conveyer kit.

Basically the wood chips are released from the bottom of the hopper into a bin with screw auger and fed into a suction blower, and then blown up into a variable flow storage bin.

This then drops and feeds onto a conveyer and is routed to a outside storage bund or straight into the digester building.

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