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Monday, 5 May 2014

Today's "Done in a Day" Project...

As part of finishing the L&T Branch I completed this little section of the stub end siding, it will be used for unloading ethylene glycol into the storage tanks that will be used by the automotive distributor.

Was a fun project and took only a day to complete, it's in primer now drying and waiting for individual 
colours and weathering once dry.

The kits are mainly Walthers ( Oil Refinery Piping kit, Piping kit & Truck Loading Rack) that have been used, scratch built & kit bashed.



  1. Jason,
    That's a neat little piping set-up. I keep hoping Walthers will do the same thing in N scale to open up all the possibilities for kitbashing, but no such luck so far.

    Philip H (from MRH as kcsphil1)

  2. It is a good kit for kit bashing Phillip, it was going to be a part of my oil terminal. But now that it's not going in the two kits will be used for parts.
    The other kit will be used on the Paper Mill Complex. If it was in N Scale it would be some mighty thin pipe, you should try scratch building it if Walthers doesn't make anything in the future. Jas...