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Favourite Photos...
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

A few changes & some lighting...

Well today I had the chance to make some changes to the Chemical Transfer Facility, nothing major just altering the heights of the unloading inlets and valves as suggested.
I also added some step ladders and railing to access the unloading area, I've also added some lighting to the area too.
The lighting is a BUSCH - AEG Street Lamp (LED), these things are really impressive.  They come pre-wired with resistor so its a matter of just plugging them into a 12V power source and away they go.
The unloading inlets are now all below the bottom of the tank car level and look a lot better, I've also altered the size and will have each inlet number for ops sessions.
All that is left is to undercoat the unloading gantry, paint it (not sure if I'm doing aluminum or black steel?) and then start to weather the entire area.
More to follow.

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