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Friday, 8 November 2013

Allied Warehouse & Storage...

The latest structure addition to the L&T Branch has started (well the shell has been complete for quite awhile...) and in two days is actually almost completed.
This structure is associated with the Appliance Manufacturing Plant and will be used as a warehouse for storing raw goods and materials for the various sections of the plant.  It will mainly be served by boxcars with the odd flat car load with a special freight such as machinery or large machine parts.
The kit is a Walther's Back Shop Building Flat and is completely out of the box except for the scratch built styrene concrete floor.  It has been painted with Vallejo Model Air - Sand Yellow, this was my first time using these and I'm really impressed.  Straight into the airbrush and went on really well.
The weathering was accomplished by using Vallejo Model Washes, the colour was Rust.  When this was dried I then applied ready made plaster filler to highlight some of mortar in the brick work.  This was further blended using a extremely thinned down mixture of rust weathering powdered, followed by more dry powdering once dry.
The internal floor has been airbrushed with Polly Scale - Concrete and weathered with Vallejo Model Washes in Dark Brown & Lamp Black.
More to follow shortly.

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