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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Atlas - Silver Series - Conrail #9625 MP15 DC Switcher...

Hi All,
Well another switcher from Jim Rinker is about to grace the JL&T shortly.  This is a Atlas - Silver Series MP15 DC, Conrail No Number Switcher.  

It was custom numbered to #9625, had Soundtraxx - Tsunami Sound added, and was custom weathered.



  1. Looks great and fine dusting of weathering too boot! Care to share your weathering method?

  2. Shannon you would have to ask Jim Rinker of Delano Mountain Custom Models about the weathering method, as he has done it for this switcher.
    To date I've only weathered one (1) boxcar. Jas...

  3. Did Jim Rinker also add the tsunami sound board? I've got one of these as well but no clue how to upgrade it.

    1. Again sorry for the extremely late reply Matt, I only just found your question. Yes Jim did add the Tsunami Sound Decoder to this one, I've also done one myself and the Atlas's are actually quite easy as the speaker can be placed above the front truck in the Atlas speaker holder, the capacitor fits perfectly inbetween the control stands in the cab. Jas...