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Friday, 28 February 2014

2nd last Industry for the L&T Branch...

Well we are on the home stretch with structures and the completion of the L&T Branch.
Today I started the second last structure to be placed on the L&T, this structure is based around a small to medium industry and the backend receiving section of the complex.
It is built from the Walthers "Bud's Trucking" - Building Flat kit, it has been modified slightly with the addition of the longer wall section on the right hand side to cater for the truck loading dock.
The kit took most of today to build with the alterations and was painted with the base colours by this afternoon, and I finished off to the built stage this evening.
The kit fits perfectly in this space and I'm happy I changed the original plan, I was going to use the same kit but with a  concrete loading dock running along parallel to the building flat.  This works much better and the angle with the additional depth to the flat makes it look more substantial.
I tried to get another loading dock into the rail served area but was unable to due to the short length of the siding, I can still get both a 50' & 60' Boxcar into the siding and clear the track and turnout next to the building.
The next step is to finish off the remaining painting & detailing, then add the loading dock rubber seals, some lighting around the building, weathering & signage, then finally the concrete standing areas and scenery.
Was a great little project for a day and evening, and will post some more updates as we progress.



  1. Looks great! This is something that I definitely want to try for the shelf layout I'm working on right now.

  2. Thanks Paul. I've thought about pulling out the rest of the layout and starting again with similar shelf styled section I'm that happy with the way this has turned out. Jas...