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Favourite Photos...
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Monday, 29 December 2014

It's all clear ahead...

Well tonight I have been playing around with the colour mix of our double head - searchlight masts.  I have installed this one on the layout to test the colours under actual layout lighting.

The first photo is with the LED's being driven at 12V, the two below are being driven at 5V which is the eventually output from the Digitrax SE8c Boards.

So far I'm pretty happy with the primary red & green on the Tomar Searchlights, the yellow which is driven by both the red & green is acceptable too.

I'm finding that I need a brighter green & dimmer red to get the yellow to pop above red, and also not look orange.  Its a slight trade off as I'd like to have the green dimmer but this would turn the yellow more towards the orange spectrum.

Even the camera which is Nikon J1 is picking up the colour difference on the mast, and this is under the layout lighting which is a NEC 6000K 38W Daylight Fluorescent Tube.

Next step will be to try out the double head dwarf and see how they look.



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