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Favourite Photos...
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Sunday 14 June 2015

New DCC Sound Decoder...

Well I've bit the bullet and decided to try a different type of DCC Sound Decoder.

I have been using Digitrax - Tsunami Sound Decoders with all my sound equipped locomotives & switchers.

But after doing a little research and watching a view reviews online I'm sold.  The combination of the manual & prototype notching and the ease of programming is making these decoders very hard not to install.

I've had TCS decoders before (prior to getting into sound) and I have never had any issues with them and they have always been solid performers.

The details of the new decoder that I will be trying is the:  

TCS 1530 WOW101 - Diesel EMD Sound Decoder.


Pictures courtesy of TCS website.

This video shows how good the TCS WOW decoders are, and the great sound too...

I'll be coupling the decoder with the TDS Speakers & enclosures that are mentioned in the YouTube video above.  These are all purchased from Tony's Train Exchange...

Pictures courtesy of Tony's Train Exchange.

When they arrive I'll pick a suitable locomotive or switcher from the fleet and demo the installation and the result on this blog at a later date.



  1. G'day Jas, Did the same thing about 6months ago all from Tony's very happy with sales and service btw,
    This little baby will blow you away !! I really like Tsunamis the class leader I believe but slowly slipping, the only thing I can knock is the crappy generic airhorns !!! TCS will put you on the floor mate, straight up from hook up no fiddling with equalizer to get horns to sound right. I temporarily installed in Austrains T class with micro speaker and sound,functions,audio assist all worked brilliant, 31 horns available 4 prime movers and the list goes on will install permanently in Trainorama GM class which has twin 28mm speakers to see what sound comes outta her then, ha ha, you will not be disappointed with this purchase mate performance is brilliant !!!

  2. Thanks for your experience Matt, Tony's has been a great experience in the past from the odd thing I've purchased from them. Good to know that the hook up is relatively easy too, I think the biggest seller for me was the manual notching, I've tried this with the Tsunami and it is a major pain to setup and get it working.
    Our layout is taking a major shift towards switching and slow speed running, so the manual notching will enhance the experience for the operators.
    Out of curiosity where about's in Oz are you? Jas...

  3. Jas, at central west New South Wales, modelling the VR/V/line circa 1983, as I spent my childhood in Geelong/Melb area. I get the best of three worlds however since I model the Broad gauge Melb-Adelaide and the standard gauge Melb-Syd , man I love this hobby, been collecting rolling stock etc form three states for years and layout will come on line soon I hope LOL $$$$ .