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Favourite Photos...
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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Block Wiring Progression...

So yesterday sore another day of finishing up the detection & block wiring for the centre peninsula.  At this stage there are another 5 - 6 blocks to be wired back to the BDL168 and its completed.

In the photo above & below you can see the naming convention that I've adopted, so as I install the block power feeds to the BDL they each get labelled once checked and operating correctly.  The "LS" is a Digitrax naming convention for a block, as can be seen the Digitrax LT5 block testers are attached to the A & B zones and are detecting the four blocks associated with each zone.

Another solution that I needed to overcome was the common wire return, I wanted to use a brass or copper bus bar for this but couldn't find one locally.  I didn't want to use the screwed type block connecters so instead adopted a PCB type block bar and fitted it to a small plastic junction box.

It is much easier making multiple connections this way than the previous version I was using.  This method makes the removal and/or addition much easier.  As you can see in the below photo the feeder wires are also labelled with the block that is powering them too.
This should make fault finding or changes a lot easier in the future.

 In the above shot you can also see one of the "undetected" block buses too.  These are for powering any section of track (usually small sidings & spurs) that are not detected via the BDL168.

More soon.


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