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Friday, 26 February 2016

Track Work Alterations Finished...

The last two days I have been working on finishing off the remaining changes & additions to the track work for Rutherford Yard and the Locomotive Servicing Facility including the new switch lead and river crossing.

I needed to add two double slip switches to the Rutherford Yard lead and add the switch lead which extends over the Susquehanna River (duck under) to the servicing facility.  I was also waiting on a second Walther's Single Track - Truss Bridge which has now been finished and installed and the track work connecting the switch lead to the servicing facility is complete.

This will allow locomotives to be cut out of consists for maintenance, re-fuelling and/or sanding and keep the yard clear.  It will allow interchange locomotives from the Shippensburg Classification Yard to also use the servicing facility too.

The final stage was the alteration and addition of the two double slip switches to the Rutherford Yard lead, and the addition of the switch lead too.  These three key additions allow the yard to be switched and for cars to be cut and blocked without having to block or interrupt the main.  It also allows locals to be dispatched to either the south (through Rutherford & Manheim) and to the north (via Carlisle Junction & Shippensburg).

The next stage is to test out the yard for operations and begin to map out and build the operating sessions for the layout.



  1. Well done "Busy Beaver"😊

  2. Thanks Noel, had a good two days at it. So we are ready to start testing everything for running ops sessions now too, are you ready?

    1. Yes some serious planning and operation. I'm tied up Tuesday night with the local theatre. I'm now in charge of maintenance so I have to attend the committee meetings. And yes they are the first Tuesday of every month. Of all of the nights to pick in a week, it's a Tuesday.