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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Finishing off a little wiring...

So to complete the track work for the locomotive servicing facility, the Rutherford Yard industries including the wood chip mill I needed to install the extra track feeds to the track work.

The locomotive servicing facility was the most intensive due the amount of switches and sidings within the complex.  To ensure that the number of sound equipped locomotives in the area didn't continuously keep tripping out the remainder of the layout I installed a PSX for the area.

The two extra industries will add a little variety to the operations of the Rutherford Yard area and allow crews operating the yard switches to take a break and do something a little different.  The first area is at the north end of Rutherford Yard and is a wood chip paper mill that will supply the York Haven - Pulp & Paper Mill.

There will be another storage siding added to the right of the existing siding (with the three hoppers) to increase the overall capacity.  My Walthers - Saw Mill kit along with the Saw Mill Outbuildings kit will be used in this along with some scratch built structures for the loading of the wood chips.

The second industry is still undecided as to what it will ultimately be, I am thinking along the way of a MOW depot with a small industry that supports and works well with it, say a cable manufacturer or something similar.

The best part of the two extra industries is the fact they are located on the ends of the yard and can be switched without interfering with the operations of the yard/layout.

I also had a chance to finish off the remaining section of fascia for the Rutherford Yard extension too, all that is left is to add the drop curtains and paint.


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