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Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

Wednesday 19 October 2016

First Signal Bridge complete...

Yesterday I finished off the first of our layout signal bridges.  The Harrisburg - East bridge has two triple head masts.

These masts are Tomar - Triple heads that have been converted to fit the IHC Plastic signal bridge kit.  They are also fitted with RR-CirKits Tri-Coloured LED's as the searchlights.

The installation is fairly straight forward but extremely time consuming, these two masts devoured the better part of full two days to install the LED's and feeding the wires through the bridge/conduit and wiring up.

Below masts from left to right:  Stop & Approach Medium...

The second mast (the left one above) went much better with the wiring install as I was able to feed the wires into the mast a lot more cleanly that the first effort (mast on the right).  This was mainly to do with the difference between the wires used.

These masts and the trip coloured LED's are perfect, they can be seen from some distance easily and the colours are easily distinguishable from one another too.

Once the next bridge is in place it will be time to program the two and then onto detailing them at a later date.



  1. Great looking signal bridge, Jas. You have really made some incredible progress on your signaling project!


  2. Thanks Tom, I was so lucky to find these old IHC plastic kits seeing that they were produced around 1990's.
    They are perfect for our era & area.
    Slowly chipping away and the installation phase is just about done, but still all the programming to come in JMRI. Will certainly be glad when it's completed so I can move onto doing the scenery for the layout.