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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Another Staging Deck section completed...

Today I completed the next section of Staging Deck.  This section house the last of the storage tracks before the next yard ladder, and the beginning of the double return loop.

The timber frame work for the deck is pretty quick to construct, and is easily assembled.

As like all of my bench work it is screwed together if anything needs to be removed, and/or altered.

More soon.



  1. Hi Jas,

    On the MRH site back in 2011 you mentioned the use of 7mm - 3 ply plywood at roughly 600mm centres for this layout, but I can't find any reference to this on the site.

    A couple of baseboard construction books have also said that this is an adequate thickness with decent bracing underneath, but a lot of people still insist on using 12mm or even 18mm.

    What are your thoughts 8 years later?

    Regards, Bob from Tassie.

    1. Hi Bob,

      The original section of the layout that had the intermodal yard on it was constructed with 7mm (3 ply) plywood as the scenery base. I wouldn't use it again, as even with 600mm centres it was still warping.

      I now use 12mm (5 ply) plywood and haven't had any issues to date with it. 18mm is just overkill and make installing feeders, signal wires and tortoise fulcrums harder.


  2. Thanks Jas. Was the 7mm softwood ply?

    Ron Pybus in his book suggests 6mm, but he talks about it being exterior grade hardwood.

    I have looked at both at the Big Green Store and from the reading I have been doing it would appear that the softwood is more susceptible to warping, hence my follow-up question.

    Thanks for answering, I would have lent towards 12mm myself but would like to be able to move this around so weight is a consideration.

    Merry Christmas too!


  3. Ron also uses 300mm centres and a longitudinal spine which may help...