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Monday, 30 September 2019

Staging Deck wiring schematics...

Things have been a little quite on the layout front over the past month.  We have been doing some more renovations on our home, including a full kitchen renovation that has been taking up most of my free time.

Today I began designing the Staging Deck wiring schematics for an upcoming article.  They can be quite complex to map out but I think they help a lot of people see what is required to make everything work, hopefully they will give some modellers the confidence to tackle some more complex layout wiring.

The schematic below explains how the additional NCE PB5 - Booster has been added to the layout and now powers the Staging Deck.  Importantly it shows the booster case screw ground wire, between both boosters, that is required for the detection on the Staging Deck to work with the Standalone - LocoNet, JMRI and Panel Pro.



  1. Thank you for exploring the detection, and control aspect of staging yards, as this is something that I will need to do too. My staging will be a pair of 9 track stub ended yards, but these will be mostly hidden under the benchwork. I am also planning to use CCTV cameras (not the Swann brand that you recently described - but similar) to give extra feedback to the operator. I will eagerly await your article in MRH.

  2. Thanks Rob, hopefully it will help you when you're ready to do the staging on your layout. Hopefully the article wont be far away... Jas.