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Favourite Photos...
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Friday, 21 February 2020

Wiring of the Shippensburg Yard lead...

Continuing on today with more wiring of the Shippensburg Yard entrance. This is also the interchange from off layout staging into the Shippensburg Classification Yard, it is also the yard lead entrance from Harrisburg.

To ensure reliability into the future I have wired all of the PECO - Code 83 switches with power to the stock rails so that they do not rely on the points for power routing.

With the upcoming addition of ESU Power Packs to all locomotives this should eliminate any dodgy electrical issues.

The entrance to the classification yard will be one whole block controlled by either the yard master and/or dispatcher for inbound and trains. Next step is to wire in the power feeders & connect the Tortoise wiring.

The bottom switch has the Harrisburg Yard Lead on the left, and the Main from Gettysburg (off layout Staging) on the right.

Next task is to wire is the switch stock rail power feeds & wire up the Tortoise Motors to the SE8C's and push button on the fascia panels.

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