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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Going the extra mile... A story of excellent customer service from Litchfield Station...

Just thought I would share some thoughts with you all about a recent experience I had that deals with what can only be described as "excellent customer service" and conversely "not so good customer service".

As you have seen by one of our previous posts I needed an automatic reverser for the centre peninsula.  And as you would have seen I decided to go with a dealer here in Australia.  Well due to a lack of communication and an a fairly long wait time, I decided to cancel that order from Australia and go with Litchfield Station in the USA.

Well good old "Murphy's Law" struck, the morning I cancelled the order, and ordered from Litchfield I was checking our bank statements.  And guess what, yep the order had gone through and another hour later the package showed up, I didn't receive any information that the package or order had been processed or shipped.

Well a quick email was sent to the guys at Litchfield to ask if I could hold the extra AR I'd ordered and change it for some Tortoise Motors that I needed next, and as luck wouldn't have it (Murphy again!) and because of Litchfield's "SuperFast" service the package had already shipped.

This is the "Excellent Customer service" bit, I received an email from Nancy at Litchfield apologising that she'd missed the email, and that the order had been processed, and the AR shipped.  Now this happened over night, how quick is that?  The bit that really impressed me was that Nancy offered to let me return the AR (by refusing the shipment when it arrived) and that she would then send out the Tortoise motors and charge me the difference.

This folks is what real, honest, and going the extra mile customer service is all about!  Litchfield didn't have to help, or even offer a solution, it was just bad luck what happened.  But to their credit they offered to help, came up with a great solution and have earn't themselves a lifelong and loyal customer for anything DCC!

So as a special thanks to Litchfield Station & Nancy in particular, I decided to give them a free plug and glowing recommendation to all on our JL&T blog & MRH for their outstanding customer service and great products!



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