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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hiding a hole...

Hi All,

Well this afternoon I decided to tackle one of the challenging aspects of the layout.  There are two holes that penetrate the centre peninsula backdrop, these hole allow access from the main centre peninsula to the JL&T module and the L&T Branch.

Not only do I have to hide the sides but also the join between the hole on the backdrop, so tonight I decided to make a start and mock up a building.  The main section of the industry (yet to be decided) is the Walthers Commissary Building, and some Walthers - Modulars Sections.

The idea is to use the building to hide the sides of the access hole, I will use a pipe gantry on the L&T side to hide this join.  And on the opposite side I plan on using a billboard of some description.
I may even alter the angle of the section in the access hole so that it comes out on a 45 degree angle to add a feature visually.

The underside of the access hole will be painted eventually the same colour to hopefully hide the remaining timber, but due to it's position it shouldn't be seen.  It has taken me a little while to get to this stage as I haven't been able to visualise the final building.

Stay tuned as we progress on the first structure to take place on the L&T Branch.


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