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Favourite Photos...
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Monday, 19 November 2012

Two more structures/industries for the L&T Branch...

Well for the two weeks I have been working on the next two major structures for the L&T Branch.  I have still yet to decide on what type of industries they will be, if they are linked together or stand alone.

They are both Walthers Cornerstone kits, the first is the Armstrong Electric Motors - Background kit and the second is the Shop Building No1 - Background Kit.  The kits will be built almost straight out of the box, however they both will have small scratch built add ons added to them.

The Armstrong Electric Motors kit has had one of the loading bay doors enlarged to fit a Walthers Modular kit large access door.

I have also added scratch built loading docks that are extra width, and extra height to match the floor levels of my box cars.

The second structure is all straight from the box, there will be detail parts added and that will be about it.

It has access on both sides for cars and also has a stub end rear siding for storage of one 50' boxcar outside of the building.

More to come as progress on these structures continues.


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