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Favourite Photos...
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Thursday, 21 February 2013

More Masking & a Drainage Pit...

Hi all,
Well more masking today on the L&T, the main entrance against the backdrop and around the backdrop structures and unloading area are finished.
Next step is to add sanded grout for the ROW, with some ballast in between the ties.  Other areas will be either loose or compacted gravel.
One thing I did alter was the drainage ditch coming from the JL&T module, I have extended the ditch onto the L&T area near the scratch built crossing.  And because of this I also added a scratch built (Evergreen Styrene) drainage pit to receive any excess storm water run off.
The next part of this section will be to add the "ground goop", zip texturing to form the land contours. Then the ties and rails will be airbrushed & weathered.  Then zip texturing, and finally sanded grout to other areas.  Once all this will then be weathered further using an airbrush and weathering chalks.
Stay tuned.

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