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Favourite Photos...
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Monday, 25 February 2013

Rail Ties painted & Ground Formed...

Well today was a major push forward for the scenery on the L&T Branch, although it was hard work as the temp was about 37 degrees with the humidity pushing around the 80 - 90% mark.  Not the most ideal conditions to be airbrushing and applying ground goop full of plaster and portland cement.
First point of call was the airbrushing of the railroad ties...
Colour is Polly scale (PS) Roof Brown, the mix is thinned 1:1 (Paint/Thinner).  All applied with an Aztec airbrush, after the paint had dried I went over random ties with a paint pen (Tie Brown) with a darker shade to highlight.
To finish I then went over the rail tops with a Maklin Track Cleaning Block, its amazing how even painting the rail & ties makes a difference.
Next stage was to add some Ground Goop (my term for Joe Fugate's Ground Mix), the mix is a combination of:
1 x Part - Portland Cement
3 x Parts - Patching Plaster
4 x Parts - Fine Vermiculate
This is mixed with water to a consistency close to that of patching plaster.  This was then applied to the areas with the masking tape.
Once this is spread out onto the layout and formed roughly to the contours required, I then use a wet finger to smooth out the mix and get the exact contour and blend it into the edges.
The last series of shots is almost dry, this mix sets up quickly in the conditions faced today.  Hence better to do this in cooler weather.
When this stuff sets it gets rock hard due the addition of the Portland cement.
Next stage is to add the zip texturing to the Ground Goop, the zip texturing is coloured Patching Plaster.  I use a tan coloured mix of tempur powdered paints.
This stage can be fairly messy as the powdered mix (which is sieved) is very fine and laid onto the GG using a sieve, so before starting I mask of the painted areas that you do want covered in the mix.
More to follow...

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