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Favourite Photos...
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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

More Fascia & Valance Work...

Well today was a big day, managed to get the frame for the upper valance installed (the block rail to which the MDF secures to) finished, installed the ceiling panels (which are also 3mm MDF), and install two section of upper valance.
Firstly thanks for all the feedback on the colours, and thanks to Prof Klyzlr for the animated GIF too.  Next I'll post some picks of the installation today and how it all went, followed by a few photos of the different colours I'm looking at.
Firstly a corner shot showing the two section of upper valance installed.
Next shot is the internal corner and how I secured it to stay tight and also make it easily removable.
Next is the brackets that will keep the MDF straight to the backdrop and hopefully resist warping (for Alan).
Next shot shows the height (for me) to be able to reach in, hopefully this will give everyone some perspective of the actual opening.  I'm 6'2 and at this height (its actually 60" - 5' from floor to top of fascia) it works well for me, I'm setting the layout to me, and if there are shorter people well they will have to "step stool it".  
I can probably open up the opening maybe another 2" (50mm) but anymore will allow the framework & top of the backdrop to be visible to me which I do not want.
Next shots are a few of the next section of L&T that has had the upper valance installed, thus framing the scenes.
Next series of photos show the overall corner scene with 3 different coloured renders, Dark Grey, Dark Green & Black, the voting is open...
Dark Grey...
Dark Green...
& Black...
More soon...


  1. Hi Jason
    Great progress now the RR is taking on a whole new look. Well I like the black for obvious reasons however the dark grey looks promising. Two of my friends are using a colour called Monument from the Colour Bond Range. It looks kind nice.
    I'm still in favor of black to allow the scene to pop just like in a theater.
    Maybe if you get some time off you should pop over for a visit to see how mine looks Black roof and all.
    Can I also suggest that you use counter sunk screws to hold your fascia on, looks a whole lot better than seeing large screw heads. IMO.

  2. Thanks Rod, it is amazing the difference when you frame the scene. Still undecided about the colour, but I will take all ideas on board, I'll look into the monument colour too.
    I am hearing you about the scene popping with black, really makes it stand out and draw the eye right in. I haven't forgotten about you guys and the offer to visit, I'm thinking it's going to have to be one at a time (time poor at the moment!) but yes it's on the to do list for the new year for sure, and the fact that I can actually see a black fascia & roof in real life!
    I have a look at the counter sunk screws too, not sure how the will go with 3mm MDF but I will give it a shot.
    Thanks for checking in and commenting, and if I don't speak to you before Xmas have a great day and a Happy New year too! Jas...

  3. Hi Jason,
    The layout is looking real nice. I received your message via my blog and am more than help / discuss detection and signalling.. In terms of the colour, I have used monument on mine and Im happy with the look im getting. It is fairly much black really.

    1. Thanks Brendon it's getting there now, would be great to see your layout build in progress especially the signalling side I'm not that far away in Diamond Creek (and work in Greenvale) feel free to drop in anytime if you want to have a look at the layout.

      You can contact me here millerj73, at, me dot com.

      Cheers Jas.