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Monday, 10 March 2014

Layout changes to the JL&T... UPDATED

Ok guys there are some changes coming to the JL&T layout soon.  I've decided after doing some thinking over the past couple of months, and after talking to some N Scale friends that I'm going to remove the Intermodal Yard from the layout and replace it with a large industry being a Paper Mill.
This was all due to the fact that I'm really enjoying switching and the amount of action I've been able to fit into the small space on the L&T Branch.  the Intermodal Yard just doesn't have the switching ability that I'm now looking for.  Also it was a huge chunk of space (around 10' - 3m) of the layout, and the trains were huge (89' TOFC x 10), it also allows me to alter the bench work and remove the return blob on the right/top side of the layout that is no longer required. 
Along with this change there is also another addition to the right of the Paper Mill, the TTX Repair Facility.  Which is a RIP track on steroids, a place where bad order & detected rolling stock will be placed, then repaired and placed back into service.  There has been some changes to the track work in between the new industries and more rail served industry added to the north side of the main.  In all really exited to be making these changes and think that will add quite a bit to the layout.
I've attached the plan below and numbered each of the tracks of the Paper Mill to give a little explanation of how I want things to work for the plant operationally, and for an ops session with regards to freight going to, and coming from the plant...

1. Is the yard lead from the main to the the paper mill yard, it will be used to mainly bring in empty box cars, tank cars and for departing loaded rolling stock out to the east and back into the "rest of the world" (staging). 

2. Is the chemical unloading siding, Ive consolidated all the tanks required into one bunded area.  This will hold one tank car at a time (great for switching). 

3. The main facility yard, north track for empty box cars for loading.  south tracks for loaded box cars & tanks cars (with by-product) ready for outbounds. 

4. Run around track, as the name states, also can be used in peak time for short term storage. 

5. Paper Mill loading track, will be the main loading point for finished paper & other goods from within the paper mill building.  Track extends out the back and will have a crane on it for loading heavy machinery onto trucks & flat cars. 

6. Pulpwood Unloading Track, has the Walthers log unloader over it.  Pulpwood logs unloaded and stacked in open areas and then transported by front end loader to the debarking & chipping building.  This area is tight, but with some selective compression can be made to look prototypical.  The good part of this now is that it can be fed from the east (8) and from the west via the light yellow Passing Siding. 

7. Storage track for overflow gondolas, bulkhead flats or pulpwood flats. 

8. Pulpwood Unloading lead from the eastern main. 
9. Loading track for chemicals via tank cars that are the by-products of the milling process and recovery boiler.  Can also be overflow storage for Pulpwood flats when empty. 

Let me know what you think, and please feel free to offer any suggestions or other ideas.



  1. Definitely provides more switching operations than an intermodal facility. The TTX repair shop is a good substitute that utilizes existing equipment and the paper mill should be quite interesting. I am curious though about the trackwork leading to TTX -- are those crossovers or double slips on that orange lead? If so, why such complicated trackwork?

  2. Those crossovers are single only, the plan has changed again actually. I'll post an update shortly of the new plan... Jas.

  3. The above post has been updated with the newer version of the Paper Mill & TTX Repair Facility.


  4. Very cool. I'd be inclined to convert the upper left portion into a nice, scenic area devoid of structures or complicated trackwork. (Heck, if it were me, I'd model a long, winding countryside scene across the entire upper half) I generally feel that these areas act as nice visual breaks for the viewer and really compliment and enhance areas of intense industrial switching.

    But to each their own. There is certainly plenty of good reasons to maximize a space for switching opportunities. Good work!

  5. Thanks Matt, the original idea was to have all that open scenery on the second deck. But now that I really like switching side I'm in two minds, I really don't have long enough runs to do those scenes justice.