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Favourite Photos...
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

More progress on the L&T Branch - Fascia & Valance...

Well yesterday being a child free day (in kinder & school) I managed to get the remaining fascia & upper valance in on the scenic side of the L&T Branch finished.
Still have some issues with sorting out the perfect location for the lighting, some section are getting shadows cast from valance bracing which I'll fix before painting begins.  I also have to fill in the gaps around the curves in the fascia and with the already installed scenery, this will be done with paper and ground goop mix, finished off with zip texturing and then static grass & shrubs.
The last little section to be finished is the staging area (south side/right side of photo) this is the rest of the world for the layout, but will be used as a small three track yard by the operators in this area.  Once the fascia & valance are installed in this area it will be onto fixing the drywall/plaster to lower areas, then new benches for the workshop area, and finally painting and carpet tiles.
One other problem that was tackled yesterday was the existing duck under, for awhile now it has been bugging me the way I originally designed it.  It was directly underneath the liftout bridge (which had been struck a few times already) and you had to do a little turn under the end bench work, so yesterday I moved the duck under to the right which now means its clear of the liftout bridge and has no turns in it.
As a bonus I was able to fill in a curved corner that wasn't working to well with track work being to close to the edge, this has given me enough space to add a another small industry to be switched from the L&T and created a small storage or workspace area under the layout.
This improvement has made a huge difference to this area of the layout, and as a added bonus given me some more area for switching & storage.  All in all a very productive and pleasing day on the layout.
More soon.


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