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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lift Out Bridge - Update...

Well today ended up being a very productive day for the rebuild of the lift out bridge.  I managed to finish off levelling the bridge and grading the track through the cut onto the bridge, I also installed the cork roadbed on both sides of the track this morning.

While waiting for the caulk to setup for the roadbed I setup and cut out the bridge canyon through the bridge, at this stage I have only opened up the top and have not cut the sides until I install some more bracing.

One thing I learn't from building the first version of the lift out bridge (LOB) was to make sure that you secured the LOB with screws first so that it is in its final position and then lay the cork roadbed and track first.  This way when you make the cuts through the track and ties the alignment should be spot on.

I also had to insert some styrene shims into the southern approach track to ensure the #8 turnout and trackwork was level horizontally and remove any dips.  The track grade is quite steep (in prototypical terms) but it adds a nice little visual break to the mainly flat landscape.

When the roadbed caulk has cured and I have secured the track to the LOB and the approaches I will drill holes through the bridge and into the cleats and insert the guide dowels to ensure the correct alignment of the LOB and the track on the layout.

Lastly I ran a consist across the section several times to test the radius and the trackwork, it had two SD40-2, two 89' TOFC's and two 74' Centre Beam Flat Cars too, all traversed the track without issue at slow and fast speeds.

Next step is to finish the river canyon, install the additional bracing, place braces under the bridge ends and to finish them as concrete piers.


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