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Favourite Photos...
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Middletown, Pa

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Accessory Bus wiring...

Last night I continued on with the wiring for the signaling.  I started installing the accessory bus for the power to the BDL's & SE8C's boards.

This bus is purely for these boards and will have no other devices or electronics running from it.

The colours (blue & brown) are chosen because red & black are being used for the detection circuit power for the BDL's.

The power bus runs into a terminal feeder and then onto each board.

The accessory bus runs along the bottom of the boards as the Tortoise feeders run above the boards and I'm trying to keep power supplies separate from detection circuits.

The accessory bus is powered by a 12V - 2A DC Transformer.

Next phase once the accessory bus is finished is to connect all the boards and then complete the cabling for the LocoNet.


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