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Favourite Photos...
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Thursday, 2 April 2015

When a server & throttle become your best friends...

So my new found friends are JMRI Web Server & Wi-Throttle, they have saved me a lot of backwards and forwards!

Last night I was continuing on with the installation of more detection blocks and configuring the BDL's & SE8C's.  To accomplish this I was constantly going between the layout area and the dispatchers nook.

I would wire up the detection side to the BDL, connect the LT5 tester run the caboose with resistive wheels sets across the block boundaries and see if the corresponding detection circuit was lit on the tester.

Then it was time to get up, program the block into the JMRI and again go back into he layout put the caboose on the track walk back to layout panel.......  You get the idea, very time consuming!

Then I had an idea, when I was last at Brendan's D&H Layout during an ops session I picked up he was running his JMRI Web Server which my iPhone5 picked up as I was running WiThrottle.  So last night I decided to set up, and get the Web Server running on the JL&T.

So as you can see the JMRI - Panel Pro / Panel is loaded onto my iPhone6+ (the photo was taken with my iPhone5 which normally has WiThrottle running) and I can see the occupancy of the main and northern passing siding.  I also have direct control over the turnouts too from this screen just like using the bigger version.

This little setup is now saving a fair chunk of time not having to run backwards & forwards between the layout and the dispatcher nook.

My new best buddies...


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