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Saturday, 11 July 2015

RRCirKits SMD Tri-Coloured LED's for Dwarf Signals...

Moving right along with the installation of SMD LED's into our Tomar Dwarf Signals is the installation of a different type of Tri-Colored LED from RRCirKits.

These are tiny 3mm - 1/8" SMD LED's on tiny Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), these are made for RRCirKits and as such have colours that are designed to match real aspect indications.  The brilliant part about these babies is that the LEF comes pre-wired to the PCB with holes already punched for the common & three coloured wires to go in.

Even though these are extremely small, they are actually quite easy to work with.  The PCB holes take 30 AWG wire wrapping wire perfectly, even when slightly tinned too.

When completed the whole PCB fits perfectly into the opening of the Tomar Dwarf Signal.


When installed into the opening in the case, these can be either secured with CA or Liquid Electrical Tape (LET), the tape is perfect for ensuring that the PCB stays in alignment with the opening and prevents any shorting onto the brass case.


These really are the perfect solution to replacing bi-coloured LED's to get a true green, yellow & red aspect colour.

Special thanks to Dick Bronson @ RRCirKits for supplying us with these LEDs.
I'll post some more photos soon once they are installed on the layout and operating...

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