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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Installing the Fascia's & Fascia Panels...

Yesterday I began the installation of the fascia panels for the centre peninsula that is the main layout area.  This phase is linked to the detection and signaling install as the majority of the SE8C's are now wired and have push buttons installed to operate the layouts Tortoise Switch Machines.
Continuing on from the L&T Branch fascia & upper valance install I am still using 3mm (1/8") MDF for the fascia.  The ability of the MDF to form curves around corners, it's light weight and cheap cost make it a perfect material to use as a fascia.
The main layout fascia will be 250mm (12") wide and will have recessed fascia turnout panels in it for local switching during ops sessions.  The fascia is secured to the 90mm (3 3/4") pine bench work, the install of this actually goes quite quickly.
Within a few hours several feet can easily be installed, the only part requiring extra attention is when forming curves.  Sometimes there is a need to put back blocking or bracing behind the curves and on seams at joins.
More soon.


  1. Coming along very nicely Jason.

  2. Thanks Rod, appreciate it. It actual goes up pretty quick once your on a roll... Jas.