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Favourite Photos...
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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Moving along with... Well more programming of blocks!

So after a little break from the layout due to family, work and other commitments it's back into programming the blocks into the JMRI - Panel.

The process is repetitive but once you get rolling and have a pattern going it goes rather quickly.  Along with adding the various sensors to the panel I am also recording them on a table for future reference and troubleshooting if required.

One of the great things about JMRI is the WebServer function that allows you to display the panel, and other JMRI features from PanelPro on either your iPhone, iPad or Laptop using a WiFi enabled router.

I use the LocoNet Monitor & WebServer on my iPhone through the WiThrottle App to look at the detection blocks on the JMRI Sensor Table as a locomotive runs across them to check the sensing of each block.  You can then switch to the panel display and check that the sensor block corresponds to the panel block too.

Below is screen capture of my iPhone showing the LocoNet Monitor and one of the Digitrax SE8C's as I was testing the Tortoise Switch machines.

Next stage is to get the last BDL in and connected to the LocoNet and trackwork and begin loading the signal logic onto the panel.


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