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Saturday, 21 May 2016

The LK&O Railroad...

My very good friend, sounding board, freight relocation engineer and astonishing layout builder Alan Bailey has just reached a major milestone on his LK&O layout build.

Alan has completed his number 13 module which sees the top portion of his LK&O layout build complete.  For those that have followed his progress or for those that haven't seen it, if you want to see what detailed planning, engineer level design and master level build execution looks like take a visit and look through Alan's website.


His wiring is astonishing and his electrical engineering is amazing.  Alan is also one of those true gentleman that would literally give the shirt of his back to help someone out, even when they live 16800 km away!

If you are looking at building a layout this is a complete reference level website that will put you on track for an excellent start, and provide a rock solid foundation for a great layout.



  1. WOW Jas. What a glowing recommendation. I am not so sure it is deserved but I'll take it. :)

    I still have a very long way to go to catch up with you. It's not like you set a low bar.

    We are both having fun playing with trains and that's what counts, right?

  2. You certainly deserve it Alan! Your catching up now, I'm still debugging wiring and I would think yours will be right to go from the start...

    Yes still having fun, taking a little longer than expected, but still having lots of fun... :)