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Favourite Photos...
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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Designing the Rutherford Yard - Fascia Panel...

A few hours today has been spent designing the Rutherford Yard - Fascia Panel.

This is required as I need to control three of the rear (south) yard leads with Tortoise motors.  These are show as the larger circles, these will be the same "normally open" push buttons as used around the remainder of the layout.

This panel will also help yard masters & crews know which tracks are which.

The hardest part is getting the trackwork to translate from bench work into schematic.  

So far I'm happy with the design...



  1. I'm interested in your track numbering. Most prototypes I know keep the tracks in numerical order. How did you decide to do the odds/evens split on the track numbers?

    1. Hi Karl,

      The numbering is to allow the main to always be Track No 1. And the odds & evens was to keep consistency for operators. Even numbers on the backdrop side & odds on the fascia.