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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Re-wiring for Power Districts...

Over the past week I have been back under the layout working on wiring yet again...  Urrgghh!

This time around it was because I was moving towards setting up power districts that were being protected by DCC Specialties PSX1's.

Over the past couple of operating sessions we had noticed that Rutherford Yard was dropping out the remainder of the layout when a short occurred.  I already had two PSX1's installed along with two PSX-AR (auto reversers).

The first set was to completely replace the main buss, this had been altered quite a few times and was not consistently sized along the whole layout.  I replaced it with 10 awg (2.5mm) house flex with sub busses being 14 awg (1.5mm) and the feeders still the same 18 awg (1mm) solid core.

The replacement went relatively easy, and with a little attention to neatness and pulling out quite a few feet of unneeded wire I ended up with 5 main buss runs.

I've made Rutherford Yard, Rutherford Workshops and the centre peninsula separate buss runs.

The next stage was installing the remaining PSX1's and the two packets of isolated rail joiners.  I had a few sneak paths on the common return so had to track these down to ensure each power district was isolated.

Each BDL168 is fed from a PSX1 to ensure all the detected as well as non-detected track work is protected.  You can see the wiring block to the right of the PSX1, this feeds the BDL below and the remaining undetected blocks for the Pulp & Paper Mill.  The PSX below has the main buss feeding through the board (two pair of wires on the left) via the four pin block.

The remaining install went well and I managed to neaten up a fair portion of the layouts wiring too, the remaining PSX-AR (auto-reversers) didn't require any further work and have been working perfectly since installed over two years ago...


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