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Favourite Photos...
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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Back into signals again...

So I've had a little timeout from the layout over the last few weeks.  Two weeks with school holidays, and some extra projects around the house before winter sets in.

But I have managed to get a day or two on the layout and have continued on with the signal installs.  I'm slowly working my way around the layout and had to install some more G Type heads onto a mast.

I have the Tomar brass masts but I've never been happy with the green, yellow or red that the 1.5mm LED's produce.  I found a replacement 1.5mm one that had much better colours so decided to convert these into the G Type plastic IHC heads and mount them onto the Tomar brass masts.

The IHC heads have small plastic tabs that can be adapted to clip onto the brass mast post easily.  The brass tube will take the eight (8) small 0.5mm wires for both heads.

The mast above was placed onto the mainline heading out of Hershey into Manheim Junction and is paired with a double head dwarf on the passing siding track to the south.

More soon...


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