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Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Latest Reading SW1500 to join the roster...

After sometime in storage I decided to break out my Athearn RTR SW1500 - Reading #2673.  This was a rare find some years ago that I just had to have.

Reading #2763 was the only SW1500 to be repainted in the all green scheme before it was absorbed into Conrail in April 1976.  It was repainted after it was wrecked.

This switcher has been updated to DCC with a ESU LokSound - Select Direct V4 decoder, Sugar Cube speaker, ESU - Power Pack Mini, LED lighting upgrade, and Athearn - Power Truck upgrade.  It has also been programmed for running with the ProtoThrottle too.

These are such great runners when converted to DCC, operating them and switching with the ProtoThrottle has taken the enjoyment level of operations to another level of realism.



  1. Hi - I have seen some of your other posts on ESU decoders and Sugar cube speakers. I am in the process of converting 2 Atlas Master series GP38's to ESU V5 select direct and sugar cubes. Is there a big difference between having one sugar cube installed verse 2 close coupled sugar cube speakers - is it worth the extra cost? Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi Wayne,

    I've actually done a dual speaker install in a Atlas - Silver Series RDG GP40-2. To be honest I couldn't pick that much of a difference, the sugar cube speakers I'm using now are fine just as single speaker install.
    Unless it dramatically improved bass response I wouldn't worry about dual speakers, most installations are ok with one, but adding two starts to become a space issue, and now that I'm also adding ESU - Power Pack Mini's I need that extra room.