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Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Layout Upgrades...

Time for another upgrade for the layout tonight, reconditioned desktop PC with triple monitor setup.

Two screens running the JMRI Panel, and the third for dispatcher information - operations paperwork and the layout camera system.

I’ve also upgraded to the latest production release of JMRI too.  Upgraded all the drivers and everything has fired up on first go...

I’ll be able to use my laptop now with TeamViewer to upgrade the blocks that need reinstalling too.  Life just got a little easier.



  1. Nice neat and clean looking. Can you describe more what you are using the Team Viewer PC remote control software for? Cheers

    1. Hi Wayne, sorry for the delay in responding. I use TeamViewer when I'm programming blocks, turnouts & signals. I have JMRI running & PanelPro, and I can program from the layout instead of returning to the dispatchers desk to change something, then back into the layout room to check.