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Favourite Photos...
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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Window Frames & Something a little Special...

Well tonight I had a few hours on the weathering, window frame and something a little special on the structures for the L&T.
I was working mainly on the smaller structure tonight (right of the L&T main) adding window frames and some brick detail.
And yes for those that have picked it up, there is a lit LED flood light on the side.  These a BRAWA model LED that come pre solder with resistor and just needed to be wired up to a 9V supply, all that remains is to weather the light case to the same as the remainder of the building.
The only real changes to this building was the addition of a little wash in a few spots, the window frames and some extra brick detail via some odd coloured bricks.
More to follow.


  1. I'd suggest adding a conduit pipe to the exterior of the building that goes to the floodlamp. And don't weather the floodlamp too much, it should be much newer than the building. The windows look great as does the paint job.

    Greg Amer
    The Industrial Lead