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Monday, 10 August 2015

Double Head Dwarf Signals - Using RRCirKits LED's...

So moving along with the install of the LED's into our dwarf signals I decided to try the RRCirKits LED's into a Tomar - Double Head Dwarf.
I've recently sourced some 30AWG wire wrapping wire in the primary signal colors.  This will make the connecting of the dwarfs much easier when hooking up to the SE8C ribbon wire.

The wiring of the tiny Tri-Colored LED's is getting much easier, pre tinning and using a good solder with flux has made it fairly easy.
When I installed the first set in a single head dwarf the LED is quite visible when looking into the light opening, when lit if you are facing the the opening you can also tell its an LED too.  I wanted to try and find a solution that would make the signal look like it had a searchlight in the housing.
So after a search online I found the perfect solution, a small light pipe that fits into the opening diameter that hides the LED and helps spread the light evenly too.
These light pipes need a little filing (height wise) to get them to a depth that allows the LED and wiring to fit into the Tomar housing.

These light pipes finish off the dwarf signals perfectly.

 Much better finish with the light pipes installed and the aspect color is better spread too.